Sunday, 9 February 2014

From Kelvin Bridge

This short piece has been sitting unfinished in the murky recesses of my computer for some time, and I rediscovered it a couple of weeks ago and polished it up and gave it a name.

Kelvin Bridge is where Great Western Road in Glasgow crosses (predictably enough) the river Kelvin, a couple of miles before it joins the Clyde. In dry spells the water is low and slow and wide, and you can often see a patient but persistent Heron fishing in the shallows amid all of the exposed detritus you would expect to see in a city river.

In rainy periods (it has rained just about every day since xmas, it seems) the water can be alarmingly high, and if you venture under the bridge, down by the actual Kelvinbridge subway station, you can view the swirling ,almost hypnotic, torrents of water smashing and crashing through the rubble and brickwork of the bridge.

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