Sunday, 8 December 2013

RIP (?) Comet Ison: The Comet of the Century

Although when I started writing this piece, I was after something quite powerful and dark & brooding for the opening bars, I have to confess that I didn't have Comet Ison in mind.

It wasn't until I was doing the chasing arpeggio bits at about 3.20 minutes that it struck me as representative of the something hurtling headlong to wherever: at about the same time the Comet was making the news and weather forecasts as promising a spectacle in the morning skies of early December.

Everything went quiet when the Comet went behind the Sun, and although Google searches aren't at this stage definite, it does seem now that Ison was torn apart by heat and gravity just before achieving it's predicted status of "Comet of the Century".

The final bars fell in place so easily, and so appropriately.

If not dead then whatever remains of the comet heads off now back into the dark cold remote edges of the solar system.

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