Saturday, 30 March 2013

Who's the Bear on the Harp

This track started life as a copy of the opening theme from Marillion's Grendel, of which I was a massive fan when I was a boy (and let's be honest, I still rather like it and I think it's unfair to dismiss it as a rip-off of Genesis' Supper's Ready).

I played around with the tune; inverted it, adjusted the timings a bit etc, and it started to take on this sweet soft Christmas Lullaby sound.

It's is now really too bold and brassy to pick out the original Grendel theme, but I think it's interesting to record where inspiration starts.

This is the first of a new collection of pieces which haven't yet been published on Band-camp. I will post the links when they are ready.

Happy Easter (which is, by the way, a pagan celebration of spring: Nothing to do with Jesus at all until the Christians usurped it).

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