Sunday, 11 December 2011

Nisi Nirvana

Nisi Nirvana by texpete

Well: there's that widget.

Nisi Nirvana is my latest tune, named after a character in the book 'Imajica' by Clive Barker. I have translated her name to "If not Heaven" for download on Bandcamp, at

Her story is a kind of parody of the christian nativity, and I think it makes a nice secular, irreligeous yuletide hymn, although you will need to supply your own words, or just hum along with the Nolly Brig Choir of Ruffians.

I'm hoping to be able to come up with another 4 tunes to sit alongside this one in a suite based on Clive Barker's book, one for each of the 5 Dominions which form the 'Imajica'.

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