Monday, 13 December 2010

Summer Fete

This is my first effort. The title was suggested by someone who said it reminded him of a summer fete, and although this is more happy coincidence than intentional, I was pleased to hear that he at least thought it was pleasant! Let me know what you think, and maybe suggest a better title.

The files, by the way, are hosted for free by, and therefore you will encounter the usual adverts, warnings of download limits & short delays. Occasionally, you may need to 'try again later', but please do not be put off. You don't need to pay anything to get the download: just simply

a) click the 'DOWNLOAD NOW with FileFactory Basic' button near the bottom of the page
b) complete the two word spam-stopper, and then click the button just below once more
c) wait for the countdown timer to get to zero
d) click again near the bottom of the page on the "Download with FileFactory Basic Text"

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